WGUS; Work Group on Urban Sparrows – meeting 2019

Like any other organism, House Sparrows can only survive in an environment that meets their needs.

As everyone present is aware; House Sparrows have been in decline for about 5 decades or more.
Because of this, in 2009 the Netherlands have put in place a law, in an attempt to protect House Sparrows from further decline. This law involved making the nesting-places protected throughout the whole year. This meant that nesting-places of House Sparrows may not be removed, destroyed or barricaded at any time of the year.
But urban sparrows are still in decline, as the recent SOVON vogel-atlas shows.

Hence; the environment is getting less and less suited for House Sparrows to maintain their numbers. Either that or suitable habitat is less and less abundantly present and disappearing.

To the opinion of the board of House Sparrow Conservation Holland, there are obvious causes that have a big and negative impact on the environment that House Sparrows need.

Those obvious causes are relatively easily resolved.
Yet they do not get the attention they should get.
IF we want to keep our House Sparrows around us, in our cities and in our gardens, then we MUST pay attention to those obvious causes also. And we must resolve them.

After many other ways of trying to solve the problem before it got out of hand, our organization has seen itself forced to start a legal procedure to finally get the attention to this and to hopefully put a stop to it.
We do not know if a legal procedure is going to work, and we certainly do not know if it will work fast enough to turn the tide for the House Sparrows.